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Announcing our new clinic in Parsippany, NJ !
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In an effort to achieve the highest standard of care and compassion for our patients, First Med has established modern, well-appointed outpatient diagnostic and treatment centers to provide primary and specialty care services to the communities we serve. Our dedicated and able physicians incorporate the highest qualitative measures of preventive care into our treatment plans to promote the overall wellness of our patients. Employing state of the art medical technologies, we find and successfully treat conditions before they become serious enough to require hospitalization or emergency care. Through a true physician-patient partnership, we seek to ensure a quality patient experience and an optimal patient outcome. 

Your Local Immediate Care Clinic

What type of care do you need? Our staff is ready to help.

Prescription Drugs

Why wait at the pharmacy? One of the many great conveniences of MedFirst is that we offer many of the medications our medical providers most commonly prescribe right at the clinic and at affordable prices. This often eliminates the need for a separate trip to the pharmacy after your visit to our immediate care clinic in Bound Brook, NJ.

On-Site X-rays

When you suspect you have a fracture, the last thing you want to do is wait around for an opening at your doctor’s office, or spend hours waiting in a hospital emergency room. That’s where we can help. Every one of our clinics is outfitted with a fully digital X-Ray suite, allowing our medical providers to make a more informed diagnosis and offer more immediate treatment.

Lab Tests

At MedFirst, we understand the need for expert, convenient, and affordable health care. That is why we offer on-site lab tests for many of the common illnesses we treat, making it easier for our clinicians to help you get the correct diagnosis and treatment at an affordable cost. Call our walk-in clinic Bound Brook, NJ patients recommend to learn more.

At MedFirst, we’re dedicated to achieving the highest possible standard of care for our patients. With compassion and time-tested, well-established outpatient diagnostic and treatment centers, we provide a range of essential medical services. Turn to our caring team for primary and specialty care services and community health support.

Your health is valuable, and our experienced physicians are dedicated to helping you maintain it with the highest level of preventative care. We’re pleased to create comprehensive treatment plans that promote our patients’ overall wellness. At our clinics, we use state-of-the-art medical technologies to find and successfully treat a wide range of health conditions before they require hospitalization or emergency services. At the center of our work is a true physician-patient partnership that promotes optimal patient outcomes.